This project was developed as one of the finest golf courses in Florida.  The course was designed by the world famous Pete Dye, and the architect was one of the nicest and best I have worked with, Wade Settliff of Architectural Design Group out of Lakeland, Florida.  The Dye Preserve is a very private club with only 200 members most of whom are of the Palm Beach elite as they say.  It was the dream of Joe Webster and his wife Mary who worked on this for many years until it came to fruition.

My instructions when hired was that the client wanted it to look like it had always been there.  It needed to be conservative, traditional and timeless.  The budget was tight, but it was important that the woodwork look aged and first rate and that the furnishings be of first quality but reasonably priced.  We achieved this and the club won an award as one of the 5 best new clubhouses in America the year it was finished.