This apartment at 1185 Park Ave was done for a divorced father of two college age children.  He was head of the legal department of one of the largest companies in America.  He liked antiques and did not want anything over the top;  It had to be handsome and conservative, and work with his very traditional art collection.

When I first saw this apartment I thought he was living like a college student.  He was very busy and just didn’t have time to focus on how he was living.  We had a budget that we had to adhere to and did.  The dining table and Windsor chairs were his and we had them polished up and used in the dining area.  Though they were more casual and country than the English antiques we purchased and used in other areas of the house they looked great.  The bed in the master he had just purchased and I didn’t have the heart to tell him to let it go so we used this Shaker style bed which actually looked great in this traditional but not spare bedroom.  The beautiful Welsh Dresser in entry we found at Daniel Stein Antiques in San Francisco.