This apartment at the Barbizon in New York was recently sold and we are currently working on a new apartment for the same  client.  The apartment was done for a family from Memphis, Tennessee who use it as their New York Pied a Terre.  The client is traditional and we tried to give them something they were comfortable with but something that still looked current. 

The challenge in this apartment was that most of the ceilings are actually under 8ft tall.  I always think of 8 feet as the minimum, but here we had to use tricks to make the ceilings look taller:  striped walls in the entry elongate the room; hanging curtains pleated at the very top on very narrow rods mounted right at the ceiling, and using narrow striped wallpapers in the bedrooms.  All of these made the ceiling look higher than the 7ft. 8ins. that most of them  were.  It also helped to have the large Dutch Style TV cabinet in the living room with low furniture around it to create height and drama and visually take the attention away from the low ceilings.