This house in Nassau is at Ocean Club Estates and sits on two lots on an inlet looking out to the Atlantic ocean.  The home is approximately 19,000 square feet. We built this house, from the ground up, for a client and his wife from Toronto, Canada who make Nassau their main residence, but they also have a home in Aspen, Colorado and a 90 foot boat that is usually docked in front.  Since building the house the couple have added a daughter to the mix and so we recently added a beautiful new junior family room.

The house was designed by the Palm Beach, Florida firm of Bridges Marsh.  The lead architect was James Carmo.  It was designed after a plan for a planters house in the islands.  The living room has soaring 22 ft. ceiling and with Coquina stone door surrounds and mantel. Though more formal than some island houses, when I was hired, the client told me that this was their main residence and they did not want it to look like a beach house.